Welcom to Ain 

Enjoy the AIN Mountains all year round!

Providing a unique feeling of harmony between nature and man, the mountains of Ain are incredibly attractive. Wild yet approachable, the landscapes gives a sense of calm: lakes, forests, peaks, meadows, and, where you least expect it, a village... Both in summer and winter, recharge your batteries in one from the last large natural space in Europe!

Grand Colombier mountain's

Montagnes du Jura, AIN from above


Nature is made up of incredible surprises, meetings and shared moments. You just need to be attentive, patient and humble.

Montagnes du Jura, provide a magical environment, with unexpected landscapes and engaging people living in communion with their well-preserved natural heritage. Ready to share, they will put you at your ease and let you see their daily life, based on a close relationship between the individual and nature.

The highest peaks and the southern breeze

Climb the peaks in Voltaire's country!
The Retord or Hauteville plateaus are more similar to other parts of the Jura Mountains, wild yet welcoming

Climb the peaks in Voltaire's country!

Did you know that the highest peaks of Montagnes du Jura are in Ain? To be precise, in Gex. Crêt de la Neige (1720 m) and its neighbour Reculet (1717 m) are the uncontested stars of the Haute Chaine du Jura and the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Reserve. The latter is home to a varied fauna and flora, and its landscapes and panoramas of the Mont-Blanc and the Alps are a must-see for all hikers.

A change of scenery

On the highest peaks of the Montagnes du Jura on the plain side of Revermont, everything is conducive to relaxation. Rivers flowing into mountain lakes, smiling valleys with vast meadows, with the mountains of Ain towards Bugey, offers a thousand and one landscapes. An ideal setting for hiking, horse-riding or cycling. From the Col de Berthiand to Lake Genin, from the Crêt de Chalam to the Grand Colombier, the Plateau de Retord and the Plateau d'Hauteville, a change of scenery is guaranteed.

The mountains of Ain, a winter treat

To imagine the "gentle" mountain, picture a succession of peaks, dales and valleys, set in a harmoniously proportionate relief, often in a North-South direction and intersected by unexpected faults or gorges... These mountains are also home to vast plateaus, like the Plateau de Retord in Bugey, ideal for long hikes.
In the winter, the immense expanses of spruce and beech forests give the mountains a magic feel. Evocative of the large Canadian expanses, fans of snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing will enjoy the first snows here.

The mountains of Ain, with their stark contrasts, provide the best views from the Haute Chaine du Jura. Remember the Crêt de la Neige, Col de la Faucille, Reculet... amazing views onto Lake Geneva and the great Alpine peaks. On the other side, basking in the sun, the Bugey vineyards stretch to the banks of the Rhône, displaying their irresistible art de vivre.

The Retord or Hauteville plateaus are more similar to other parts of Montagnes du Jura, wild yet welcoming... where emotions and adventures meet, both in summer and winter.
All these differences however come together under common values, creating from North to South, one of the last natural expanses in Europe, a paradise for skiers and walkers in search of freedom.

Remember the Crêt de la Neige, Reculet... amazing views onto Lake Geneva and the great Alpine peaks

The mountains of Ain, a winter treat