Dombes & Saône destination

A region of authentic natural beauty and simple pleasures!

The territory of Dombes & Saône lies a short distance from Lyon close to the A6 motorway.  It is a region of authentic natural beauty and simple pleasures which gives it a unique character.  There more than 1,000 lakes in Dombes & Saône and from the 12th century onwards the Benedictine order of monks recognised the potential of these lakes for fish farming, a tradition that lives on in Dombes & Saône today.

The Medieval
City of Pérouges

Perched high up on a hill, which gives fantastic views of the Dombiste countryside, is the medieval city of Pérouges. A visit to this beautiful town is like stepping back in time, as parts of Pérouges date from the 13th and 14th centuries.

The must to visite
Parc des Oiseaux

During the 1960's the local authorities in Ain recognised the importance of the ecology of Dombes. To protect this unique ecosystem it decided to establish a nature reserve of 380 hectares in the heart of the Dombiste lakes near Villars-les-Dombes.

Dombes & Saone

Fish farming has been a way of life in Dombes & Saône for over 700 years and having so many rivers it is hardly surprising that fish plays an important role in Dombiste cuisine.


The lakes, rivers and beautiful countryside that make up Dombes & Saône make it a wonderful place to enjoy outdoor sports and activities.

On the Bank's
of the River Saône

The River Saône forms a natural boundary between Dombes & Saône and the Pays du Beaujolais on the opposite bank. This is a very picturesque and tranquil part of Dombes & Saône.

Historic Towns
and Monuments

Dombes & Saône is a region with a very rich history. From the late Middle Ages until the mid 18th century the entire region of Dombes was independent. During this period Trévoux on the banks of the River Saône was Dombes's capital.