The Great Outdoors!

Dombes & Saône a fantastic place for sport and relaxation.

The lakes, rivers and beautiful countryside that make up Dombes & Saône make it a wonderful place to enjoy outdoor sports and activities.  There are 5 golf courses in the area and with there being so many rivers and lakes it is no surprise that water sports such canoeing and kayaking are popular as well as fishing.  A bicycle is a great way to explore Dombes & Saône and the Cyclo-Dombes scheme makes this very easy.  Bicycles to suit all ages are available for hire at several tourist offices throughout the region which makes it great fun for all the family.  There is also a wide choice of walking trails to be enjoyed all over Dombes & Saône which range in length from 6 km to 22 km to appeal to all levels of expertise and ages.  Some of these trails are specially adapted to cater for activities such as bird watching.  The Parc des Oiseaux is a large ornithological park located in Dombes & Saône that contains a wide variety of birds from all around the world is a lovely place for a stroll as is the Arboretum with its vast collection of trees. 

The great Outdoors - cycling on the banks of Dombes's ponds

Golf courses