Bressan Agricultural Produce

A taste that cannot be beaten!

When one thinks of Bresse one automatically thinks of Volaille de Bresse the delicious free range chicken and turkey for which the region is famous.  Poultry farming has been a way of life in Bresse since the 16th century.  This savoir-faire resulted in Volaille de Bresse being granted an appellation d'origine contrôllée (AOC) in 1957.  Today all poultry labelled AOC Volaille de Bresse is reared according to strict AOC rules.  All around Bresse there are many producers of this famous poultry such as Ferme et Auberge du Poirier where one can see how the birds are raised and even get to taste them in the farm's restaurant.  Bresse also has other products that benefit from AOC's, Bressan Cream and Butter were granted AOC status in 2012.  As with poultry there is a long tradition in Bresse of producing these 2 dairy products.  In common with the poultry they are both produced according to strict AOC regulations which ensure their fantastic unique taste.  At the creameries in Foissiat and in Etrez it is possible to sample both cream and butter as well as other locally produced products such as yogurt and cheeses such as Bleu de Bresse which is made nearby.

bressan agricultural produce

A few notable suppliers and producers