Picturesque Mont Myon

A haven for outdoor activities with great views over the Bressan countryside!

At a height of 662 meters Mont Myon is the highest point in Bresse and its peak gives some breathtaking views over the beautiful Bressan countryside below.  As one would expect in such a wonderful outdoor location there are plenty of hiking routes and mountain bike circuits to be explored.  Of a summer's day when the weather conditions are most favourable the skies around Mont Myon become full of paragliders.  The area is also popular with climbers and pony trekkers.  Nestled in between Mont Myon and the surrounding hills are picturesque villages such as Roissiat, Treffort and Pressiat, with plenty of beautiful gîtes and hotels of real character in which to stay.  Today this peaceful setting disguises a past that was often brutal.  During the middle ages the area around Mont Myon was on the border between Burgundy and France and was often the scene of fighting.  However it was during the 2nd World War that this part of Bresse suffered most.  It was a bastion of the French Resistance and often suffered revenge attacks at the hands of Nazi troops.  Monuments such as the Site du Grand Brûle in Courmangoux bear whiteness to this past.          

Picturesque Mont Myon

Things to do.

Base de Loisirs La Grange du Pin
Base de Loisirs La Grange du Pin Loisirs récréatifs
Circuits de randonnée des trois vallées
Circuits de randonnée des trois vallées Pedestrian sports
Roue d'Âne
Roue d'Âne Pedestrian sports
Rev'Air Mont Parapente - Ecole de parapente du Mt-Myon
9 Aerial sports
Circuit l'Ain à vélo n° 15 - Cavets et ventres jaunes
Paysage du Revermont Cycle sports
Outdoor activities with Arbres and Sens Aventures
Outdoor activities with Arbres and Sens Aventures Climbing sports

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