The Gastronomic Village of Vonnas

A must for lovers of fine food and wine!

A village of flowers and beauty, Vonnas is located on the banks of the Rivers Renon and Veyle, halfway between Mâcon and Bourg-en-Bresse.  There has been a settlement here since Gallo-Roman times.  During the Middle Ages there were 8 different chateaus in Vonnas and the surrounding area.  Of the 8, only Chateau Béost and Château Epeyssoles can be viewed today.  In more modern times Vonnas is best known for its gastronomy, thanks to the Blanc family who have lived in the village for generations.  In 1872 Jean-Marie and Rosalie Blanc opened an inn in Vonnas.  In 1902 their son Adolphe and his wife Elisa took over the control of the business.  Elisa who was known as ‘Mére Blanc' won many culinary awards.  Her grandson Georges Blanc, who is a Michelin star chef of world fame, has run the family business since 1968, succeeding his parents.  Today this business has grown from a coaching inn into a 5 star establishment that includes a magnificent hotel and health spa as well as a restaurant.  The Blanc's success has led others to set up in business in Vonnas and today there are many other fine restaurants and charming hotels in the village.

The gastronomic village of Vonnas

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