The Hauteville Plateau

The purest freshest air anywhere!

The Hauteville Plateau is located in the very heart of Ain half way between Lyon and Geneva at an altitude of 850m to 1234m. The plateau benefits from a microclimate that gives it the purest freshest air anywhere. This unique climate led to the growth of Hauteville-Lompres as a treatment centre for tuberculosis in the 1920's. Today this tradition of heath care lives on in the town with the Souffla Eilleurs fitness centre. The rolling hills that surround Hauteville-Lompres are a favourite with, climbers, walkers, hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers in particular with a wide range of trails available to suit all levels of expertise. There are also plenty of support services for cyclists available. Bicycle is not the only way one can see the amazing scenery of the Hauteville Plateau. The Lavant Equestrian Centre offers pony-trekking and horse riding trails through the countryside. Marie'ânes proposes strolls through the forest with the help of a donkey to carry your picnic or children, great family fun.  During the snowy winter months dog sleigh is another great way to view the Hauteville Plateau. The winter snows allow for skiing on the plateau, there 57km of cross-country circuits and 15km of downhill runs.                

The Hauteville Plateau : waterfall

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