On the Banks of the River Saône

A very picturesque and tranquil part of Dombes & Saône!

The River Saône forms a natural boundary between Dombes & Saône and the Pays du Beaujolais on the opposite bank.  This is a very picturesque and tranquil part of Dombes & Saône.  Where the Rivers Saône and Chalaronne meet in Saint-Didier-sur-Chalaronne there is 15,000 m² of water gardens which are full of both local and exotic aquatic plants. Downstream from here in the charming town of Montmerle-sur-Saône there are some fantastic restaurants as well as a weekly market held by the river bank.  The many villages and towns along the River Saône's banks are linked by some fantastic trails which can be enjoyed on foot and by bicycle and are a great way of seeing the river's natural beauty.  Further down the river lies the Château de Fléchères which dates from the 17th century.  The château contains many works of art and architectural features from the period and is surrounded by 30 hectares of its own parks and gardens.  Trévoux the former capital of Dombes was an important crossing point on the River Saône in days gone by.  In addition to being a historic town, Trévoux is a centre for water sports and is the departure point for river cruises.

On the banks of the river saone

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