Dombiste Cuisine

The region of Dombes & Saône is truly gastronomic!

Fish farming has been a way of life in Dombes & Saône for over 700 years and having so many rivers it is hardly surprising that fish plays an important role in Dombiste cuisine.  Much admired by anglers for their strength and tenacity, Carp and Pike are also much prised by Dombes & Saône's chefs.  Pike is used to make ‘quenelle de brochet', Carp can also be used to make a quenelle but fillet of carp is a far more common dish.  Dombes & Saône lakes are also home to vast numbers of frogs which are used to make the most French of all French meals frog's legs cooked in butter and parsley.  Being so close to Bresse which is world famous for the quality of its chicken, chicken à la crème is also on the menu in most restaurants.  Located just across the River Saône are the Beaujolais Vineyards which use the Gamay for the production of red wines and Chardonnay to produce the whites both of which are an ideal accompaniment for any meal.  Dombes & Saône is full of locally run restaurants such as Restaurant Georges Blanc that serve all the best the region has to offer.

carp fillet with mustard sauce

Restaurants on the banks of the River Saône