The Medieval City of Pérouges

One of the most beautiful villages in France!

Perched high up on a hill, that gives fantastic views of the Dombiste countryside, one finds the exceptional medieval city of Pérouges.  A visit to this beautiful place is like stepping back in time, as parts of Pérouges date from the 13th and 14th centuries.  Pérouges is a town with a unique character and enduring traditions. During the middle ages the town became rich thanks to its hemp weaving industry and its strategic position on the road between Lyon and Geneva.  This prosperity was to last up until the industrial revolution when more modern methods of production ended Pérouges's textile industry.  The town's fortunes dwindled until 1911 when an association was formed to preserve the historic town.  Today Pérouges is once again a thriving town with a great atmosphere that is home to many different craftsmen, cafés, restaurants and hotels and is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. This timeless village with a wonderful heritage is an ideal place for a stroll.  Lose yourself and be sure to enjoy the ‘Galette de Pérouges', a local cake that is baked according to a traditional recipe for which Pérouges is famous.   

The Medieval City of Perouges