The Historic Town of Ferney-Voltaire

Where history and the contemporary collide!

The charming town of Ferney-Voltaire is located a short drive from the city of Geneva.  The town is named after its most famous citizen the French 18th century writer and philosopher Voltaire.  Voltaire lived Ferney as it was then called between the years 1758 and 1778, after he fell out of favour with the French King in Paris.  During this period the Ferney changed from being a village of less than 100 people to a modern town of more than 1,000, a project of urban renewal which Voltaire was involved in.  Voltaire's home the Château de Ferney can be visited today as well several historic buildings.  Today Ferney-Voltaire is home to the CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.  This research centre is one of the most respected centres for scientific research in the world.  Here scientists use some of the world's most advanced technology and machinery to study the fundamentals of matter.  Particles of matter are made to collide at speeds in access of the speed of light.  This allows the scientists to find out more about how these particles interact, which gives them a better understanding of the basics of the laws of nature.   


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