Monts Jura, the jewel in the crown of the Jura Mountain sky resorts, is characterised by its exceptional natural environment, in the middle of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park. The resort, awarded the labels Ski France and Nordique France, brings together four domains for alpine and cross-country skiing.

Easy access to the highest summits of the Jura Mountains

In vast wooded areas, offering slopes for all levels, Lélex-Crozet and Mijoux-la-Faucille unroll the white carpet for alpine sky fanatics; 60 km of pure joy offering a mixture of relaxing and technical skiing . Snowboarders also have their own space at the Crozet snowpark.

La Vattay La Valserine, a paradise for cross-country skiing

Monts Jura does not fail in its "Jurassic" tradition, with its 160 km of white trails. Here, skating and the classic style are kings. If the plateau of Vattay is famous for its trails which welcome international competitions, Valserine offers more relaxed skiing with trails along the river bearing the same name. Near Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, the small resort of Menthières is appreciated, above all, for its well-preserved natural setting and its family atmosphere. Here, the atmosphere of the Jura is provided by the undulating plateau and its horizon of spruces. There are some ten slopes for alpine skiing, 2 cross-country trails, something to recharge the batteries of all the family!