Various events organised around gourmet food, traditions and savoir-faire take place throughout the year in Ain. Various events offer the unique opportunity to enjoy a convivial environment and share a passion.


The product at the centre of attention

As for the Bressan chicken, its big day kicks off the festival. Les Glorieuses de Bresse is a poultry competition that has been running since 1862. After being pampered and groomed, the birds are presented before the jury. Les Glorieuses is always a great festive moment which takes place successively in Louhans (71), Bourg-en-Bresse, Montrevel-en-Bresse and Mont-de-Vaux.
Since 2009, the Bugey wines have had a good time of it. Revolving events takes place around Bugey, gathering producers, viticulturists and the curious public in a convivial environment. Take a glass at the entrance and the key to wine is yours...


Gastronomy become fair

In a land of good food, offering visitors access to its products and its savoir-faire comes as second nature. It is no coincidence that Ain holds no less than three food fairs in November. The most important and oldest one (1982) is the Bourg-en-Bresse fair. Its key lies in its organizing committee which brings together representatives from the industry's different sectors, offering events, contests, and a large variety of products. Each edition has a guest of honour that exhibits its specialities.
The Ambérieu-in-Bugey and Gex fairs bring together passionate producers selected for the quality of their product, and have produced some great results.


Good traditions

Generosity used to be automatic whenever mutual aid was needed. Even though it is no longer an obligation, the willingness is still there and celebrations are omnipresent. Two tons of pears and apples to peal... what is going on? It's for the Paria at Saint-Etienne-du-Bois or St-Trivier-de-Courtes' mulled wine . Slow cooking concentrates the sugar and preserves the fruit, like a jam!
A communal oven for the oven festival. Once upon a time, everyone used to bake their bread, sweet and savoury pies and gratins in the village oven which was lit regularly. This tradition is still kept alive in many villages in Bugey during the oven festivals, and as there are many villages, that makes for many excuses to celebrate!
Each area has its own products and ways of preparing them. An introductory tour is good recipe for happiness.