The fourth AOC (Controlled Appelation of Origin) label issued to Bugey wines adds to the list of gourmet products found in Ain. Indeed, Comté, Bleu de Gex and of course Bressan chicken are the stars of a whole list of traditional products from this territory. Quenelles in Nantua sauce, Dombes fish, Bugey ramequin... get ready for a flavoursome experience.


Stories to drink to

In Bugey, recently recognised its AOC Bugey and Roussette of Bugey labels, you will meet people who never tire of talking about their wines. Montagnieu, Manicle, still or sparkling wines, among which Cerdon has always occupied a special place. Sweet and sparkling, its colour goes from rosy to salmon and is great for aperitifs or desserts.


Proud of their local produce

These Bressan chickens are quite something, with their white plumage, blue legs and red crests. They are the only AOC poultry in the world and they are to be found at the best tables and in the most homely inns. With Carp on top , Dombes' fish (pike, perch, tench...) leave their imprint on the are. Smoked, in terrines or in goujonnettes (strips), there are plenty of ways to eat them. The fame of  Nantua's crayfish sauce  spreads accross borders. You can't go wrong with a large quenelle puffed up and gratinéd in the oven, eaten in front of its namesake lake.
Traditionally in order to seal an agreement, one offers a dish of frogs sautéd in garlic and parsley. Even without a contract, there are many restaurants that offer these frogs or a choice a small fried fished from the Saone. And while you're at it, accompany them with vegetables from the Saone Valley, the market garden region par excellence.
There are many other products on offer as you stroll through Ain and meet its people: savoury pies and meat specialities or Bugey's mysterious black truffle... all to be discovered.


Matured, please!

It is no coincidence that Comté is to found all over Ain. Half of the department lies over the Jura mountains which it shares with the Jura and Doubs departments. Fruity, mature or old, it is all a question of taste. Only hay and green grass are used for the production of the milk.
The second AOC cheese label in Ain, Blue de Gex stands out for its softness and its blue colouring. In winter, the people of Gex use it in their Tartigex or simply melt it over potatoes. Restorative after a walk in the snow!
Harder to find outside the region and very original, the Ramekin is a small cows' milk cheese which is dried and then grated to make a "Ramekin" fondue : not to missed in the area of Saint-Rambert-en-Bugey.