Worthy heirs to Jean Anthelme BRILLAT-SAVARIN (1755-1826), gastronomist and author of "The Physiology of Taste", the chefs of Ain promote the region's local produce. Gathered in the Club des Cuisiniers de l'Ain, they are the staunch defenders of good taste. They bring together remarkable skill that does justice to the products.


A cook's club under a starry sky

Ain's five Michelin starred chefs represent the highest standards in terms of quality and culinary savoir-faire. The most famous are George Blanc from Vonnas (3*) and Philippe Jousse of the Chapel restaurant in Mionnay (2*), and they have opened the way for new talent, which is constantly reaching new highs.

This is where Ain's originality lies. Beyond the normal star classification, culinary mastery seems to be part of cooks' DNA. Chefs with proven talent are numerous here. Come together in the Club des Cuisiniers de l'Ain whose aim is to promote products and savoir-faire in a convivial spirit. Including some thirty chefs, including three women, it ensures the future of a cuisine marked by tradition but resolutely in search of innovation.


Chicken awards

The hotels and restaurants Logis de l'Ain keep the local gastronomic traditions alive. Of the 31 Logis, nine have been awarded one point, twelve have received two points and nine, three points. Gilles Chazot, the chef of the Raisin restaurant  in Pont-de-Vaux was awarded the label "Table distingué", which promotes the restaurants recognised that year by at least one of the three guides (Michelin, Bottin Gourmand, Gault et Millau).