A truly equestrian land with a wide range of reliefs and landscapes, Ain lends itself easily to exploring on horseback.

Ain welcomes riders  with open arms

With routes that cross vast landscapes featuring plains, lakes and mountains, Ain is an equestrian paradise that promises unforgettable horse riding trips, for both experienced riders and beginners. With the rhythm of your steed, discover the authentic, protected heritage of a region brimming with history.

On horseback, we remember that man was made for nature. It gives us the opportunity to gallop freely, enjoy the simple things in life, the outdoors, or simply spending time with your loved ones.

Saddle up!

Want to get away for a few hours, in the woods, along rivers, across meadows? If you want to get into horse riding or simply enjoy a trip in a horse-drawn carriage, there are plenty of places in Ain to do just that.

Wandering horse riders are not left out: the region’s association ‘Ain on Horseback’ (Ain à cheval) has marked out over 600 miles/1,000 kilometres of routes for roaming through breath-taking landscapes. And to ensure that these excursions take place in the best conditions, there is a large range of accommodation available across the whole region, offering bed and board to riders and their horses.