Divonne-les-Bains – spa town on the doorstep of Switzerland

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Situated in a protected area, 15km from Geneva and at the foot of the Jura Mountains’ highest peaks, the spa resort of Divonne-les-Bains enjoys an excellent reputation for improving well-being thanks to its calming and healing waters and is guaranteed to help you beat the blues!

The region’s leading thermal spa resort

Surround yourself with calming water in Divonne. The town was elevated to the rank of God by the Romans, who named it after the Goddess Divona, and boasts five thermal springs close to the town centre: Emma, Vidart, Barbilaine, Ausone and Grande Source (‘Great Spring’). Take a break in these soothing waters and revitalise yourself!

Divine, precious, magical water, pumped from 124 metres below at a temperature of 14°C. Its mineral make-up is the perfect formula for treatments aimed at establishing a balance of body and soul.

When in Rome…

Relax, take a wander through the spa town.

Also on offer in Divonne-les-Bains:

There’s plenty on offer to keep you busy and have an enjoyable stay with family or friends in this charming little town.


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Did you know?

Divonne water will soon be appearing on dining tables across France! The long-lasting dream of bottling water from Divonne has just become reality. By 2020, 400 million bottles will be produced each year. Watch this space!

“Lovely town. Great Sunday market”

“Beautiful, lovely town. Nice old town, lake and park, activities for children. An excellent Sunday market. Casino, restaurants, worth a visit and staying as base for trips around. Only 15km from Geneva.” – Reviewed 29th July 2016 by Yossi R

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