Pays du Cerdon

#TimelessMoment between the stalactites and stalagmites, tracing our prehistoric ancestors.


Nestled in a landscape dotted with castles and ancient villages, Pays du Cerdon should be discovered in very much the same way as you would taste a fine wine: gradually.

It’s up to you as a visitor to let yourself be guided towards the region’s wealth of ancestral craftsmanship inherited from generations past – some from as far back even as Prehistoric times!

Pays du Cerdon: land of vineyards and prehistoric activity parks

First things first: before all else, Pays du Cerdon means vineyards. In particular, “Ladies’ Champagne” – a light, sparkling low-alcohol wine, left to ripen on the nearby hillsides, enjoyed among good friends, often with dessert. It’s easy to find and you can taste it for yourself in wine cellars in any of the regions’ villages.

A visit to Cerdon Caves, on the hilltop above Labalme, will take you on a spectacular journey back to Prehistoric times. There is plenty more excitement in store as you continue your journey through the underground labyrinth… Back outside, the young and the not so young are invited to have fun discovering how our distant ancestors used to live.

Bonnet former Silk Factories in Jujurieux are really quite extraordinary and will leave you marvelling at the incredible creativity that took place here. Take pleasure in wandering between the weaving looms, samples of fine silk and spools of thread in all the colours of the rainbow.

Pays du Cerdon: land of mountains, rivers and remembrance

For cyclists, Pays du Cerdon means harsh slopes and tough challenges. Naturally as, to begin with, Cerdon village is situated at the far end of a box canyon, one of many that are found in the Jura Mountains. And the region is brimming with stunning trails. Hike up one of the tracks leading to the viewpoints or go climbing in the limestone cliffs – there are plenty of ways to let off steam in the great outdoors!

But these rugged mountains have also witnessed some dark chapters during the Second World War. In Val d’Enfer stands a monument to the Maquis Resistance Fighters from across Ain, in remembrance of this period in France’s history.

And of course, Pays du Cerdon also means the River Ain – or at least part of it. Stopping off along the river bank in Poncin or Chambod Island is sure to set the tone for a promising stay.

Come and discover Pays du Cerdon!

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Music lovers take note!

A few kilometres down the road, in Ambronay, the renowned festival of traditional music promises wonderful evenings of classical music in the abbey.

Vin de Cerdon:

“I personally am not a fan of champagne, but I enjoy a glass of Cerdon wine, which is a sweet wine. We buy it directly from the producer in Cerdon and it only costs around €5 a bottle. At our wedding we had both champagne and Cerdon wine and it went down a treat.”Jademathis69, Lyon, 2007 (translated from French)

Grottes du Cerdon:

“Unexpected gem. The caves are impressive, in size and variety of rock formations. The personnel are welcoming and friendly. Don’t miss the belvedere at the lower end of the cave.” – Reviewed in May 2017 by Davide G

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