From the dramatic landscapes of Bugey to the exquisite flavours on the menu in Bresse; the magnificence of the Monastère Royal de Brou, not to mention the unique ecosystem of the Dombes – Ain creates amazing moments, memories that will last a lifetime…
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Standing proud over Bresse, the region of Revermont covers the first foothills of the Jura Mountains, from Lons-Le-Saunier in the north, to the River Ain in the east and the town of Pont-d’Ain in the south. Ain Valley offers its finest views across its winding gorges while in the middle of the river Chambod Island provides a beautiful backdrop for relaxation and water sports.

A marvellous panorama

At one time, residents of Bourg-en-Bresse would climb up onto the crags of Cuiron or Mont Myon after Sunday’s supper to admire the view. Nowadays, Revermont and its maze of tracks looks more like a natural playground – with hikers along the GR59, mountain bikers just about anywhere, paragliders soaring above Pressiat, canoeists on the river and sunbathers on the beach at Grange du Pin… not forgetting all the cyclists dotted about! This is a favourite training ground for some of the most ambitious athletes, so Revermont’s many slopes are not to be underestimated!

Scaling the limestone cliffs of Jarbonnet is a tightrope walker’s game in the rustic setting of the Ain Gorges. Rock climbing is a favourite activity from here to Neuville-sur-Ain, along the cliffs that line the river. From Balvay vantage point you can see as far as Serrières bridge – although it’s nowhere near as impressive as the two-tiered Cize viaduct which spans the river upstream.

Vines and culture

Almost all the traditional stone houses have their own cellar, even in Treffort, the village built on the rocky headland. Why, you ask? Because this was once a land of vines, before the pylloxera pest wiped them all out. The “Vignes et Cavets” exhibition at the Revermont Museum in Cuisiat beautifully presents this important part of the region’s heritage.

A few kilometres away, Meillonnas village is where some of the finest earthenware was produced in the 18th century, using the area’s clay soils. This unique expertise lives on today at an artisan workshop.

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