Enjoy the landscapes!
Capture the moment and take the time to contemplate the beauty of the nature!


Look the endless horizon! The landscape is breathtaking.

Ain destination unveils 5 major panoramas. A chance to hike through the countryside or over the valleys!

Breathe and contemplate, simply !

The Mont Rond

By cable or walking?

From La Faucille, discover the exceptional 360° panorama on the Montagnes du jUra, Geneva area,…

Up the Mont Myon

Picnic at the top or gourmet stop at the restaurant downstairs?

The summit a famous starting point for paragliding.

Calvaire de Portes

Amazing spot

One of the most extensive panoramas in the area, from Mont Blanc to the Cévennes.

Grand Colombier Mountain Pass

Panorama guaranteed to take your breath away.

Linger in front of the 360° panoramic view of Mont Blanc, the Rhone River and…

Oncieu, from the cross of Evosges village.

The "diamond of Le Bugey"

A typical and classified village with its houses built in a circle.