Ain, Fishing Paradise

Located between Lyon and Geneva, the region of Ain is bordered by the Rhône and the Saône rivers, while the River Ain runs right through it – an exceptional area bursting with beautiful fishing sites. Its rich diversity of fish with many different species guarantees enjoyable angling and freshwater fishing trips.

Ain, an outstanding fishing destination

In the eastern part of the region – the natural habitat of salmonids – iconic rivers such as the Albarine, Valserine, the River Ain and natural lakes including Lake Nantua and Sylans delight anglers.

The western part, by contrast, boasting a thousand ponds full of fish and bordered by the Saône, remains the favourite spot for fishing carnivorous varieties. This means there really is something to suit all tastes and all methods, guaranteeing unforgettable fishing moments!

Ain Fishing, a made-to-measure label for the enjoyment of anglers

Welcoming fishing enthusiasts has long been one of Ain’s top priorities. AinTourism structures and standardises the region’s fishing attractions and facilities in order to cater to tourists’ needs and ensure they get the very best from their stay in Ain.

The ‘Ain Fishing’ (Ain Pêche) label is awarded to accommodation providers, fishing instructors and guides, sites and tourist information offices providing high-quality services and offers for fishing enthusiasts.
Don’t hesitate to pop into one of the ‘Ain Fishing’ registered establishments to find out more!

Find out everything you need to know for a successful fishing trip on Ain Fishing Federation’s website.