Nestled between Lyon and Geneva, Ain is a land where nature is king. Made up of 4 distinct areas, it offers a choice of 16 golf courses, each with its own distinctive features. Half are in the Dombes, land of a thousand meres, the other half in Pays de Gex, the foothills of the Jura Mountains. A rich diversity of nature which makes Ain an attractive destination for playing golf.

A course for everyone in Ain!

The 16 different golf courses located in Ain thrive on their differences. While they are relatively close to each other, they offer an interesting mix for golfers seeking variety and excitement. Novices, beginners, experienced golfers or pros: there’s something for all tastes and abilities. Here you can indulge in your passion at your own rhythm.

So grab your clubs and head to the green!

Golfing holidays, and so much more

Ain is a wonderful place to play golf. But making the most of your holiday to discover a new region while playing your favourite sport is even better!

The 4 distinct parts of Ain with their rich, diverse heritage and wide range of natural landscapes, emblematic local produce and water in all its forms, offer many opportunities to combine leisure with discovery, such as golf & gastronomy, golf & wine tourism, golf & cultural heritage, golf & well-being… the list goes on.

Come and see for yourself – you won’t regret it!

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