Ain has a rich and diverse industrial heritage, from the textile industry to plastic processing. Former production sites and manufacturing facilities as well as the legacy of workers add an interesting cultural and technological dimension to the region.

Industry & Identity

Ain has a rich industrial heritage which makes up an important part of the region’s identity, having left its mark on the local history, construction and life in the towns and villages here. Precious stone cutters, silk manufacturers, comb and diamond die makers and copper workers thrived over the centuries, taking advantage of the region’s dense hydraulic network, economic opportunities and the ingenuity of local men and women. Of these industries, now mostly discontinued, there are several buildings, factories and workshops left, tokens of this prestigious heritage of industry and crafts.

From ‘Plastics Valley’ to CERN, industry in Ain is reaching new horizons

Nowadays, the range of industrial activity is much wider, including new sectors and fields of research, such as plastics processing, mechanical equipment and the metalworking and agri-food industries.

  • The leading centre in France for mechanics and metalworking, as well as bodywork for commercial and heavy goods vehicles is in Ain;
  • Several internationally renowned businesses in Plastics Valley (Plastics Vallée) and Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Estate;
  • Research and development at CERN and at Alimentec Science and Technology Park.

There is certainly plenty in Ain to pique the curiosity of those interested in the worlds of work of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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