Cool down! #Swimming in Ain

Abounding in lakes, natural pools, rivers and other water features, Ain is full of stunning spots to go for a dip or enjoy your favourite water sports: whitewater sports and swimming or just relaxing on the water’s edge. You’ll be spoilt for choice, there’s plenty to keep you occupied!

The huge outdoor park, Grand Parc Miribel Jonage, offers water sports and leisure activities, while the extensive Ain River, which crosses the whole region, is great for fishing and kayaking. There is an abundance of water in Ain and much, much more for the perfect refreshing break!

Lazing about on the grass next to Lake Genin or cooling down at the foot of Glandieu Waterfall, there are loads of great spots in this land of water. Enough to keep you busy throughout the summer months, away from the stifling heat and hustle and bustle of city life. For those who love sweet sensations, exciting thrills or little bits of paradise… Ain has the answer!