trevoux: towpath
On the towpath along the Saône around Trévoux
on foot or by bike?
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Tour of the Oignin
Nature escape in the Oignin gorges
curiosity to discover
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Take a walk down the waterfalls, in the forests, on the banks of the fresh rivers ...

The heat of summer gives good reasons to look for freshness in the heart of nature.

1st wild river

Discover the place where the waters of the river get lost in canyons.

The Pertes de la Valserine – labyrinth of canyons (5km / (~ 2h round trip).

A marked footpath takes you along the banks, offering magnificent views of the gorge.

Haut-Bugey Lakes
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Discover the story of the Glacières de Sylans. Unique in Europe!

Historical walk at the time when fridges and freezers did not exist.

Our thrill ride on the shores of the lake ... !

Bresse Saône

All in the pile of sand!

Sand dunes in Bresse: a trip to the tertiary era

2 km ride on a tree path, punctuated with interpretation panels on the flora.

Ponds of the Dombes

The ponds of the Dombes: a natural curiosity rich in discoveries.

To walk on a path bordering ponds and through forets (6.5 km)

Near the ViaRhôna

Follow the water trail to the big waterfall

A bucolic stroll (7 km)

In a plateau landscape with bushes and rivers, ending in Glandieu.

Gorges of the Ain

Go on an adventure through the Corveissiat cave

Take the natural staircase, go over a footbridge over waterfalls and cliffs

6 km in the heart of unspoiled nature in the Revermont area (Corveissiat).