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‘Paria’ has been made here on the third Sunday in October since 1994, following the original recipe. This sort of jam made from only apples and pears is cooked on site and is simply delicious!


Maison de Pays en Bresse is an ecomuseum and traditional country house, situated in St. Etienne du Bois, which showcases some precious examples of Bresse architecture across 2,000m² and gives visitors an insight into the rural lifestyle of times gone by. Exhibitions and cultural events take place here throughout the year.

The incredible history of one of the oldest farms in Bresse

Mangettes Farm was built in 1465 under the reign of Louis XI in a nearby hamlet, and was saved from demolition in 1983. The same year, it was entirely dismantled and rebuilt exactly as it was on the site where it is now! Three other farmhouse buildings were added to the site in the same way.

Bresse houses, once considered movable property, used to be relocated from one village to another after being bought, seized or inherited. Documents found in the archives show that over one hundred farms were moved just like this one!

Mysterious Saracen chimneys and their large, open hearths

A great Bresse mystery lives on top of its roofs – more precisely on the roofs of its beautiful traditional farms!

Built from material found in the region, such as cobs and rammed earth made from soil, oak and bricks, these chimneys are characterised by a small openwork bell tower or cowl. With Roman, Gothic and Oriental influences, they were called “Saracen” chimneys, from the old French word sarrasin meaning ‘foreign’, as their intriguing appearance stood out from the region’s typical architecture.

They appeared from the 13th century onwards and there are only around 30 left today – see how many you can spot!


Practical information

Opening hours

From 02/04 to 31/10/2024.
Closed on Monday.
April, May and October
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5pm
June, July, August and September
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5:00pm (6pm in July and August)
Sundays and public holidays from 14h to 18h00.


Adult: 8 €
Child: 3.50 €
Student: 4 €
Job seeker: 4 €
Disabled: 4 €
Group adults: 7.50 €.

Free entry for children < 7 years, press, the drivers, children accompanied by an adult.
Group rate available for > 10 people.

Services and amenities

  • Pets welcome


  • Play area
  • Picnic area
  • Car park

Payment methods

  • Bank/credit card
  • Chèques Vacances


  • Children's entertainment
  • Product tasting

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Have you heard of chest-benches?

Also called blanket chests, and nicknamed the elders’ bench, they were once reserved for the elderly, and were used to carry out formalities, such as signing official documents or marriage certificates.

As tradition has it, if a young man were sat there, this meant that the family had given him permission to court their daughter.

  • At Maison de Pays en Bresse, various events and festivals take place throughout the year, but the most notable is Paria – one day in October when throughout the day Paria jam is cooked. Visitors can come and watch it being made, try it on Bresse waffles and buy jars of it to take home with them. Activities take place throughout the day, creating a festive and convivial atmosphere.

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