AOC Bresse Cream and AOC Bresse Butter owe their excellent quality to an ancestral know-how passed down from preserved agricultural traditions. Produced with a great deal of care, respecting practices from times gone by, these regional products are the fruit of a very generous region passionate about quality food.

Exceptional regional produce

Bresse is a land which has long produced its own food, largely due to the region’s layout. In order to nourish the local population, taking good care of the land over the centuries was crucial.

The fact that Bresse Butter and Bresse Cream are now recognised by the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, the Controlled Designation of Origin) owes to the important assets of the region, a result of looking after the land.

Here, sustainable development is a matter of common sense, of quality and of love for the land and its people!

The AOC, a mark of excellence

At one time produced in every farm, AOC Bresse Cream and Butter have made it through the centuries without losing their charm. They are now produced in creameries, but remain renowned for their excellent quality and the authentic flavour of the terroir.

Where can I buy Bresse butter and cream?